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Wednesday 3/9/14


Saturday 2/8/14

Wednesday 23/7/14

Solid set of minimal techno.

Monday 21/7/14

Kanye West freestyle from 1996. ‘Ye is 19 years old in this.

Tuesday 15/7/14

Monday 14/7/14

The Fogelnest Files E82: FEED ON MY CONTENT →

Peter Conheim from Negativland is on this episode of The Fogelnest Files and talks a lot about recontextualizing content for fun and profit! (well, profit that goes to SST). If you don’t know who Negativland is, it’s worth a listen for the stuff about U2. Fascinating episode. Get on it.

Thursday 10/7/14

Turn up your speakers.

Tuesday 8/7/14

Friday 4/7/14