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Friday 4/7/14


Thursday 3/7/14

“Repeat what you say, heighten how you say it” →

The concept of repeating words is not foreign to improv teachings. I’ve heard it many times before. But, with Ed it’s seems to not just be about the words. It’s about the how. How you say it, how you feel as you say it. Sometimes it doesn’t even need words, it could be just the how. You could be mad, frustrated, happy, whatever. As your partner repeats, you repeat and heighten the emotion.

Justin D. Torres on the teachings of Ed Herbstman at Camp Magnet

Wednesday 2/7/14

Kishi Bashi – Q&A

Caught Kishi play in solo mode at the Northcote Social Club tonight. A talented violinist, beatboxer, and conversationalist; but most importantly – someone who can make others feel joy. What a show.

The idea has to be executed in a way that’s organic so I’m not just doing weird crazy things

Nathan Fielder on playing dumb comedic ideas as realistic, smart business concepts. Love it.

Tuesday 1/7/14

This is a modern hotel

Found this when searching hotels near Los Angeles Airport online. My question is – what year was this actually taken in? I’m going 1986.

The AP’s newest business reporter is an algorithm →

AP announced that it will be moving toward full automation of 150- to 300-word earnings reportsThe system, to be rolled out next month, will work by pumping data from Zacks Investment Research into Automated Insights, a firm that specializes in computer-generated prose.

It’s early days for robot-written reporting but there’s going to be a lot more of it, especially in verticals based on data-driven news like sport or even entertainment (think what’s on TV tonight, or concert date announcements).

Some of you may know of the famous interview [Pedro Martinez] did for Sports Illustrated For Kids, when they asked him if he had any secret ambitions and… his answer to Sports Illustrated For Kids was “I want to fuck Sandra Bullock.”

Nicholas Dawidoff talking all things Pedro Martinez on Hang Up and Listen.