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Wednesday 23/7/14

Tuesday 22/7/14

iO Chicago Intensive

I’m currently in Chicago taking a improvised comedy intensive at the famed (amongst comedy nerds?) at the iO Theatre. Apologies if the updates are a little behind (or at weird times of the day).

Monday 21/7/14

Kanye West freestyle from 1996. ‘Ye is 19 years old in this.

Saturday 19/7/14

Wednesday 16/7/14

At best, you want to sort of feel like you’re unconsciously hanging out with your friends, creating a funny scenario out of nothing. You’re not aware that the audience is there, you’re just in the moment like, ‘That’s funny. I’m gonna add more to that.’ And then before you know it, you’ve got a fully fleshed out idea.

Brian Huskey (of Childrens’ Hospital) talks all things improv in a very quotable interview with Splitsider.

Tuesday 15/7/14

Big Fat Man Has Big Fat Heart

I’m a fan of anything that involves Homer flashing his lights and/or honking his horn because he’s happy.

Gawker has a new Kinja (see sub-blog) in Antiviral, which is dedicated to revealing the truth behind those current event news stories clogging up your Facebook feed. Certainly one of those “Why didn’t I think of that” ideas. Also good: Disputations.