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Thursday 31/7/14

lessons from wrestling: trained and ready →

If you turn up to a show having skipped training, or with sloppy stage work or without having worked on your notes from last show, you are telling your fellow players and your audience that you aren’t taking this artform seriously, that you aren’t taking our experience playing with you or watching you seriously.

Wednesday 30/7/14

Tuesday 29/7/14

Chip Rankings

9. Banana 
8. Carrot
7. Plantain 
6. Kale 
5. Chocolate
4. Potato 
3. Beetroot 
2. Corn
1. Sweet Potato

Operators will be standing by…

Monday 28/7/14

The Diary of One Boy’s Year at the Conspiracy

I started learning and then performing improv in Melbourne one year ago today. A lot has happened since then. He’s a little something I wrote about self-doubt, hip-hop shoes, redemption, and uh, poo.

Saturday 26/7/14

Friday 25/7/14

Improv is About Balance →

I’ve always thought of balanced improv in terms of not having three scenes in a row be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, or not having three straight/absurd hard comedy scenes. This is something else that I read and said “OH” out loud to.

Thursday 24/7/14

Wednesday 23/7/14

Solid set of minimal techno.