Monday 28/7/14

The Diary of One Boy’s Year at the Conspiracy

I started learning and then performing improv in Melbourne one year ago today. A lot has happened since then. He’s a little something I wrote about self-doubt, hip-hop shoes, redemption, and uh, poo.

Saturday 26/7/14

Friday 25/7/14

Improv is About Balance →

I’ve always thought of balanced improv in terms of not having three scenes in a row be a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, or not having three straight/absurd hard comedy scenes. This is something else that I read and said “OH” out loud to.

Thursday 24/7/14

Wednesday 23/7/14

Solid set of minimal techno.

Tuesday 22/7/14

iO Chicago Intensive

I’m currently in Chicago taking a improvised comedy intensive at the famed (amongst comedy nerds?) at the iO Theatre. Apologies if the updates are a little behind (or at weird times of the day).

Monday 21/7/14

Kanye West freestyle from 1996. ‘Ye is 19 years old in this.

Saturday 19/7/14